My thoughts.
AAAaaaaannnndddd I AM BACK!

Ok i am back on tumblr, i thought i forgot my login info, i totally know it! I am thinking of doing a blog from a Bisexual Mormon woman’s perspective, slightly nervous but i will change my name and names of other people. I am ready to be married and loving life! :)

:) Gaybies! :D better than orphans…oh wait i think i might be going to hell for this one… >.<

Today is just not a good day, it is full of problems and i love being swamped with them. At this point all i can say is i love my friends and to their problems, “come at me bro!” Because i think i can take on the world right now :) I miss being on tumblr and speaking my mind.But seriously if my friends ever need anything i am here :)

I hate mood swings

I want to kill something…now. Or cry, cry alot, into my pillow. Or go get some…Damn all my friends and their good morals!


“Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.”

 #if you don’t like this movie you’re wrong

And what sort of lives do those people,who pose as moral, lead themselves? My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite
Oscar Wilde (via akemisdisturbus)

I love Oscar Wilde :)

Got to love pms, i just want to cry and eat icecream and chocolate and find someone to fall in love with to hold me and tell me it is ok…Ugh why must you haunt me fear of commitment? Ugh. 10.5 months to go until i will have both my best friends here :) 10.5 months can’t come soon enough!

It’s always timing…


What Video Games Have Taught Us

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